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Data-driven decisions

Experts in dental data management and analytics

Fluent is proud to have the most comprehensive, multi-payer, fee-for-service dental claims database, known as DentaBase®, that we utilize to provide valuable insights into the dental market landscape. We leverage this unique data asset together with our platform of cutting-edge data analytics, AI-enhanced end-to-end workflow support and dental domain expertise to deliver best-in-class business intelligence for our customers.

With unmatched capabilities and a track record of best practices in data management, our clients trust Fluent to help them be more data-driven, efficient and to enable them to meet their business objectives.

Integrity. Trust. Excellence.

We are a trusted third party

Our name and products are trusted across the dental industry. As Fluent grows, we stay grounded through a deep-rooted commitment to our mission and values. We take our position as a trusted third party seriously and we strive for ethical standards and excellence in every decision we make.
Our Team

Meet our team

Michael Norton

Chief Revenue Officer
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Michael Urbach

President, New Markets
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Tim Downey

Chief Analytics Officer
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Tracy Sproule

Chief Compliance Officer
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Marita McKenna

Senior Vice President of Finance
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Chakra Elangovan

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
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Maureen O'Brien

Vice President of Client Relations
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Joseph Mann

Vice President of Marketing
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Greg Morales

Vice President, Operations
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Candy Tresler

Vice President, Product Development
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Michael Rudmann, DMD

Dental Director, Utilization Review
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Terry Lite, DDS

Director of Quality
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What our clients have to say

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In my 30 years in the dental industry, I have seen many reports of this type but nothing as comprehensive and as detailed with as much data to support it as this one.

Dental network company

VP, Dental Networks and Professional Relations
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We are able to get more complete and up to date views of individual customers and prospects through Fluent than if we had acquired information from multiple other sources we evaluated.

Large dental device manufacturer

VP Customer Analytics
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You all are doing great work and it is paying off! Proud to be one of your long term customers!

Regional dental insurer

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We’re delighted to be able to use this kind of information to find out where the highest value growth opportunities are.

Dental device manufacturer

President & CEO
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We have such a great partner in Fluent!

Regional dental insurer

Chief Dental Officer